BonApp Group

We help restaurants make their customer experience exceptional while reducing stress for the waiters and providing managers with better visibility over operations.

Our digital-first application is designed to be simple, effective, and easy to set up. With BonApp you can:

  • Manage multiple restaurants
  • Create QR-code, online menus
  • Manage multiple menus for different times of the day
  • Dynamically remove items from the menu when they are sold out
  • Enable customer to place their own orders and make their own payments
  • View restaurants and customer statistics
  • Implement discount code strategies to attract new customers and increase revenues
  • Efficiently and automatically track orders
  • Create a distinctive customer experience
  • Simplify staff training, onboarding and engagement

And much more…

BonApp offers more features and flexibility at a competitive cost with no transaction fees. It’s time to boost your sales and tips, reduce labour costs, optimize operations and customer delight.

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