At Drinkotec, as a Swiss Tech company, we work with our customers to facilitate a drastic decrease of waste in the Beverage industry and to increase the efficiency of their operations.

Companies are aware of the environmental impact caused by their use of bottled beverages and companies looking to meet “value for money” with every drink drop they serve trust us to make sure all their efforts, investments, and expected margins meet the results and profits they plan.

To achieve this, together with our passionate and dedicated teams, we create data-driven solutions consisting of all kinds of beverage dispensers and their hydraulic networks. These are embedded with intelligent sensors and software for advanced management. Allowing our customers to switch from bottle to keg containers and detailed control of the beverage dispensing process. Our innovative solutions ensure flow and proportions control, remote monitoring of the entire hydraulic network and their related equipment, for preventive maintenance and repairs, without compromising the taste, pleasure and attributes of the beverages: Water, Beer, Spirits, Cocktails, Sodas, Juices, Wines, Coffee.

For the past 40 years, we are extremely proud to have been serving more than 20’000 customers across Europe and Canada in the Food & Beverage industry. They trust us for greater monitoring, control and management of their breweries, pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs.  Our partners also include Multinationals, Hospitals, Universities, Schools, and Government Administrations, for whom their operations become optimized when enabled with our solutions. Eventually saving millions of bottles to be manufactured, transported, handled, stored, cooled and hopefully, recycled.

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