Emotion Food Company

Food as the first medicine!

It is around this idea that the EFC approach is articulated: we aim to give back to the people who need autonomy and dignity through an adapted diet; provide innovative and effective solutions so that healthcare institutions can diversify their offer, and finally demonstrate that participating in the well-being of all by optimizing the costs of health is now possible.

EFC conceives its solutions using a human and global approach, considering the social aspects of instant meals, economic aspects (health costs), environment, culture, etc. EFC values ​in three words: pleasure, sharing, and taking care of a Swiss company based in Lausanne, since 2008 developing technological food solutions to improve the daily lives of people suffering from mastication and swallowing disorders (dysphagia). Keeping these values and willingness to help in mind, EFC created and developed Easy-Base+®, a binding texture agent gelifier.

Not only is Easy-Base+® extremely easy to use, it has several advantages: vegan, using hot and cold processes with all kinds of foods, and maintaining full taste, colour and smell.

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