Your own lettuce and herbs as a healthy treat combined with convenient harvesting – this is the vertical garden from Frugaltec. For use both indoors and outdoors, we set new standards with our product. The product is convenient in its simplicity and stylish design.

The modularity of the innovative garden allows customers an uncomplicated entry into the world of home gardening. Future additional modules can be added to the basic model of the vertical garden, tailor-made according to personal needs.

Frugaltec enables people to harvest their own healthy and fresh food. The components and modules are developed for resource-saving, earth-independent cultivation of fresh and nutritious salads, herbs, flowers and vegetables 365 days a year.

The core of our current and future products is based on the approach of frugal innovation and pursues the goal of achieving healthy results with sustainable use of resources.

In the future, our product portfolio will be expanded with offerings for commercial, vertical farms or greenhouses, in addition to solutions for home users.

For us, the focus is on the enjoyment experience and the associated customer needs. We pursue this vision with passion, heart, soul, and competence.

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