KNOW YOUR LAND – Gamaya improves efficiency and sustainability of farming businesses by offering unique and compelling digital agronomy solutions, enabled by drones & satellite remote sensing and artificial intelligence.

Our technology

Gamaya leverages a combination of technologies from remote sensing to machine learning and agronomy to develop customized digital agronomy solutions to address our customers and partners needs.

Leveraging multiple layers of drone and satellite data

Gamaya is developing RGB and multi-spectral imaging tools, providing a suite of imagery-related products to clients and partners in multiple crops and regions.
Gamaya’s vision is that the association of drone and satellite imagery brings the necessary insights for an optimal crop monitoring and management.
A fusion between multispectral satellite imagery and drone-based imaging data provides the benefits of both satellites and drones, scalability and high resolution, that is required to characterize different crop properties. This makes Gamaya unique in the industry, and provide tremendous value to growers.

Machine learning driven by agronomy insights

Plants with different physiology and characteristics reflect light differently. Spectral imaging and its ability to capture reflectance in a much more detailed and precise way, allows us to detect problems such as diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and other challenging crop issues.

We have developed machine learning and computer vision algorithms that power our AI models to deal effectively with the vast amount and complexity of data that is ingested. Our software translates raw data into actionable information by using machine learning and AI.

This way, we are able to provide robust analysis and crop management advice for all kinds of challenges presented by the diverse conditions of agricultural crops. Our detailed crop models and a database of the spectral signatures of different crop-affecting factors create local crop intelligence that scales globally.

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