Making sure that drugs are released in the affected part of the body and at a specific rate is a huge challenge, because the size of the capsules that deliver these active ingredients is uncontrollable. At Microcaps we developed a patented technology that enables the size control of these microcapsules with Swiss precision, hence they all behave exactly the same. This means we can directly tailor the release profile of a drug. Our solution is also highly relevant for fragrances, flavors, and probiotics. What makes Microcaps distinctive is that we combine expertise in formulation development with novel industrial-scale equipment. This enables us to deliver holistic tailor-made solutions to our customers. Key benefits of our approach are:

  • Precision size control that removes the need for selection/filtration processes, thus increasing encapsulation efficiency further
  • Highly efficient, process that enables encapsulation of API, Proteins, Cells, Bacteria, Powders etc… at near quantitative yield
  • Encapsulation takes place without significant energy input towards individual droplets thus preserving the encapsulated material
  • Predictable and consistent performance of resulting products
  • Throughput of up to 1000 kg/day
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