KAEX (ph. AG)

KAEX® reload is a nutritional supplement that reloads the body with vital elements after intense training or social drinking, thereby improving regeneration and mitigating mental and physical fatigue the next day.

After partying, i.e., excessive alcohol consumption, KAEX® reload reduces damages to the body by preventing nutritional deficiencies and can be complemented with KAEX® dolo – an OTC pharmaceutical that gives symptomatic relief to hangover symptoms – making it the safest and efficacious hangover treatment ever to be developed. In sports, KAEX® reload is increasingly being used by professional athletes.

KAEX® reload was launched in September 2017 and achieved to become one of the Top-30-best-selling drugstore articles in Switzerland, listed in all pharmacies, drugstores, supermarket chains, and convenience stores. KAEX® dolo – a complementary OTC pharmaceutical – was launched in July 2020. With the support of renowned investors (e.g., SevenVentures) and business partners (e.g., Google for Startups, Hänseler AG), the internationalization of the KAEX success story was carried out in the 2nd quarter of 2021 with confirmed listings with mainstream dealers in Germany and Austria. The KAEX® product was developed based on peer-reviewed scientific research and has been filed for a global patent.

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