plusbiome’s purpose is to democratize knowledge about the human microbiome. Knowledge about the microbiome is growing in the scientific community, but very little translation work has been done to make it accessible to everyone.

We believe that the growing understanding of our microbiome, as an essential part of our body, is the key to a healthier and happier life. It is all about me plus my microbiome. This is what plusbiome stands for. We do this by speaking up for the microbiome, unfolding the wonders about the life in our body, and by our products and applications that support you in reaching your health goals. 

We believe that every human is unique. This is also true for your microbiome, the unique community of microorganisms living on and in your body. Science collects more and more knowledge about the potential of the microbiome, how it influences your immunity, your mental state and overall wellbeing.

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