Spicelish enables people to embark on a conscious and healthier culinary journey. It follows the basic dictum of the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda and tries to bring you food that pleases your senses – food that looks attractive, has a good aroma, is consistent with the touch, and tickles your taste buds well. Such food boosts your digestive powers, offers better nutrition to your body, improves the immunity of the body and enhances your sense of wellness.

Besides enhancing your pleasures of the table, Spicelish also tries to be a socially responsible enterprise. When you buy our products, you indirectly support a farmer who gets a higher price for the spices he grows. We believe in following fair trade practices while buying the spices they grow.      


We share our passion with you by offering spices grown with love and freshly ground, thereby bringing well-being and happiness to your table. We achieve this by innovating in more ways than one.

The spices we use are authentic and obtained from hand-picked sources. These are bought directly from farmers, ensuring a fair price is paid to them. While selecting farmers, it is ensured that the spice is delivered in its purest form (no removal of essential oils). This is guaranteed using the path-breaking product traceability system based on blockchain to guarantee the claims we make for our products.

The spices used by us are freshly ground. We blend different spices to achieve the perfect taste and enhance their medicinal benefits. We make you fall in love with their aroma!


Spices play an important role in our health. Spicelish has created innovative spice mixes based on Ayurvedic principles to restore a natural balance to the body. Each spice has its own medicinal value, aroma and oil, which, when crushed/ground, gets exposed to air, and over time, the spices start to lose their awesomeness through oxidation.

Our spice mixes are locally and freshly produced in Switzerland. Freshly ground spices are much more aromatic than pre-ground products you can purchase from stores. Our spice mixes must be used in much smaller quantities to achieve that perfect taste. Try them to feel the difference yourself!

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