Swiss Food Group

Swiss Food Group is an independent group investing in aspirational brands and specific know-how in the Food & Beverage industry in Switzerland.

The group consists of a team of strategic, operational and financial experts as well as an outstanding Board of Directors with a strong track record and complementary expertise and strong track record within the F&B industry. Through Thanks to its ecosystem, Swiss Food Group acts as a growth catalyst, bringing innovation, brand enhancement, international expansion, prime location access, and corporate synergies between portfolio companies.

Across the Food & Beverage industry, consumer behaviors are evolving quickly, disrupting traditional business models and leading to new investment opportunities. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Swiss Food Group supports visionary entrepreneurs and family businesses with a long-term approach, helping them structure and accelerate their growth in an ever-changing industry.

For the past few years, Swiss Food Group has been successfully operating leading food companies such as Luigia and Pain Paillasse. The group focuses on the entire food value chain from ingredients industry, through production (B2B), licensing to QSR & FSR restaurants (B2C). As a fast grower, the scope of the group will be enlarged over the time with strategic acquisitions and additional verticals based on specific know-how.

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