Viiffff ® is an award-winning, food tech stat up, pioneering a new generation of fermented, vegan, gluten-free, and healthy, tasty meat alternatives produced in a sustainable way. Viiffff ® internationally patented (reg.), fermentation technique elevates the nutritional profile of plant-based ingredients, resulting in functional, convenient food products with nutritional properties supporting gut health and thereby promoting general health. Viffff products are a perfect diet for a diverse range of individuals, including diabetes patients, those with gastrointestinal issues, individuals with various allergies and athletes. We have gained national and international reputation for our products. In 2023, we were selected by the Japanese govt. for the reputed ‘Next Kitchen Kobe’ Programme in Japan and by the US govt. to pitch in the US Invest Summit. Our products have been tested by European supermarkets from Migros, Bell Food, Rewe & Spar. Austrian star cooks have tested our Viffffs in different Menus successfully. To cut reliance on global supply chains, achieve zero waste, and minimize our carbon footprint, while simultaneously scaling production and expanding globally, we have developed a decentralized, automated production process. This is going to be tested in a pilot plant in Thun, Switzerland marking a significant step towards our ambitious sustainability and growth goals.

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