Vivent has developed PhytlSigns, a pioneering technology system, which interprets plant electrophysiology using machine learning. They provide early warnings of a wide range of crop stressors, well before visual symptoms, enabling growers to increase yields and to choose environmentally preferable crop protection.

We believe in “Tech for Good” and that every person has the right to plentiful, fresh food and a clean environment. By tapping into plant signaling networks and decoding them using artificial intelligence, we enable growers to increase yields and to reduce inputs like water, fertiliser, energy and pesticides.

Healthy plants for healthy people on a healthy planet.

As a BCorp certified company we are dedicated to making a positive difference for each other, for our clients, for our communities and for the ecosystems that support all of us.

In 2022, Vivent was recognized as Best For The World™ for its positive impact on the environment.

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