photo of Chris Fesen

“I am constantly seeking innovative ways to apply my skills to drive positive change.”

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am currently pursuing a degree in Hospitality and Business at EHL Hospitality Business School. I’d say I have an entrepreneurial mindset that I’ve been developing since childhood by closely observing the hospitality and construction industries. I am constantly seeking new opportunities and innovative ways to apply my skills to create value and drive positive change.

What motivated you to work for the Valley?

I recently became interested in the food ecosystem and realised that it’s a field that is so relevant to today and for the future. The food industry has a huge impact on the environment and this is something that really matters to me. The technologies involved are fascinating and full of surprises. By working with the Valley I will also have a great opportunity to develop my knowledge about the realities of the food system and maybe continue to work in it in the future.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m responsible for the operational management the talent platform that was recently launched and providing support to the communications, event and admin teams. I am also in the middle of developing a few projects to help deliver the Valley’s strategy.

What is your now-not-so-secret super power?

I work efficiently and assimilate new information quickly.   

Tell us something else we still don’t know about you.

I love cooking, painting, and exercising at the gym or outdoors.