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All companies listed in the Swiss commercial registry and active in the field of food & nutrition innovation are welcome to apply.

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Work alongside other Valley partners to create collaborative projects, supported by SFNV every step of the way.

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Connect with experts, investors, project partners and customers and upcoming talent through our events and impact platforms.

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Feature your news, highlight your company and share the results of your collaborative projects on SFNV platforms.

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Large enterprise

As a Valley partner you can…

+ Boost your visibility by sharing your company’s contribution to driving more sustainable food systems.
+ Leverage your role in the ecosystem by connecting with Swiss food innovators through events and introductions.
+ Spot opportunities to develop projects or partnerships with Swiss food innovators.
+ Position yourself as an attractive employer for food innovation experts.

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As a Valley partner you can…

+ Showcase your local success stories on the Valley communication channels
+ Get inspired and stay connected to the latest industry trends.
+ Show our national and global community what your Canton has to offer innovative food companies.
+ Spot opportunities for local actors to connect into national or intentional collaborative project opportunities.

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Academia & Research

As a Valley partner, you can…

+ Connect with innovative companies and investors to spot opportunities to apply your cutting-edge research.
+ Share your research talent and startup alumni with our Swiss and global community of food innovators.

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Innovation enablers

As a Valley partner, you can…

+ Connect with promising food innovation founders and startups.
+ Share your offer and Valley partner/alumni success stories on our communication channels.

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As a Valley partner, you can…

+ Interact and exchange with food innovators from across the Swiss ecosystem.
+ Find out about emerging trends and opportunities to connect into them.
+ Share your company’s news on the Valley communication channels and at events.
+ Develop new projects with other Valley members through our Impact Platforms.

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As a Valley partner, you can…

+ Share your startup’s story and news on the Valley communication channels and at events.
+ Secure the resources and expertise you need to take your business to the next level.
+ Interact and exchange with fellow food innovators.
+ Co-create projects with other Valley members through our Impact Platforms.

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What our partners say

Christian Kramer from Food2050

Christian Kramer

CEO & Co-founder at FOOD2050
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“Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley is a crucial endeavour to make our sustainability goals a reality within the food world. The Valley is an incredible platform to network with likeminded people and provides startups with much valued support to help them grow.”

Breda Gavin Smith from Sight & Life

Breda Gavin-Smith

Global Public Health Nutrition Manager, Sight and Life
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“Partnership is a word frequently misunderstood, poorly applied and at risk of becoming a cliché. That is why Sight and Life is so passionate about our engagement with SFNV. True collaboration where no one organization is the ‘superhero’ but a collective group of passionate people working towards intentional, strategic and measurable collaboration to drive real change in our food systems.”

Patrick Fruitful

Patrick Albrecht

CEO & Co-founder, Fruitful AG
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“Being part of the SFNV ecosystem allows us to access relevant key players in research, industry, and other participants within the Ag/Food cluster. SFNV helps to spread the word about new technologies and connects different players – both of which have helped us tremendously.”

Julie Agropole

Julie Schubach

Communications lead, Agropôle
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“Being part of the Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley adds value for us in many ways. It provides a platform to showcase our activities and allows us to spot synergies. It demonstrates a real shift in mentality, showing how all players in food value chain need to come together to shape the future of food. And ultimately, it helps us to create a national vision, which is fundamental to driving more sustainable food systems.”

Bernhard CleanGreens

Bernhard Baumgartner

Commercial Director, Clean Greens
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“SNFV showcased our company on its digitial communication channels and increased our visibility to an audience of qualified industry players. This has since led to a few inbound leads who we’re currently in discussions with.”

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Companies listed in the Swiss Commercial Registry are welcome to apply to become part of our growing network.


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