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A network of Swiss food innovators.

Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley (SFNV) is a purpose-driven, nationwide, not-for-profit association that strengthens and promotes food system innovation, with international engagement.

Our diverse Valley partners collaborate to address the most pressing challenges in food, agriculture and nutrition, and co-create innovative solutions that drive better planetary and human health.

The Swiss ecosystem

280+ key players

To better understand how our network can drive change, we mapped the actors shaping the Swiss FoodTech ecosystem and identified the key national and global trends that are driving innovation. These findings laid the foundations for our Impact Platforms.

Our partners

The Valley is its partners

From leading international corporates and world-renowned academic and research institutions to innovator facilitators, investors, SMEs and startups – we welcome all Switzerland-based companies who are interested in driving better human and planetary health through food.

Our team

Get to know the people behind the Valley

Our Steering Committee sets the Valley’s strategic direction, while our Executive Committee ensures that we are constantly moving closer to our goals. The operational team is responsible for delivering the Valley’s four operational pillars.

Christina from SFNV

Christina Senn-Jakobsen


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Maelle from SFNV

Maëlle Bydlon

Partnership Manager

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Communications Lead

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Katarzyna Winek

Head of Innovation Infrastructure & Global Engagement

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Marta Antonelli

Head of Impact Platforms

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Marie-France Watson

Events Manager

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Investor Engagement Manager

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Martin Vetterli
SFNV President

EPFL President, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne

Martin's why

“With its ecosystem – academic institutions, startups, large companies, SMEs and forward-thinking government actors – Switzerland is the ideal laboratory for the food of the future”

Stefan Palzer
SFNV Vice President

Chief Technology Officer & Executive Vice President, Nestlé

Stefan's why

“Together, in this unique innovation ecosystem, we can discover and work on breakthrough science and technology solutions that lead to healthier, more sustainable food systems globally”

Isabelle Moret

Minister of the State of Vaud

Isabelle's why

“Together, in this unique innovation ecosystem, we can discover and work on breakthrough science and technology solutions that lead to healthier, more sustainable food systems globally”

Calvin Grieder

Chairman at Bühler, Givaudan and SGS 


Calvin's why

“How can we feed 8 billion people in the world sustainably? Switzerland, with its tradition, knowledge and economy is well positioned to play an important role. And SFNV will foster this ambition.”

Carole Ackermann

President of the Board, E.H.L Group


Carole's why

“Embedding sustainability into every activity, adjusting agriculture, experimenting with new food concepts, and fostering innovative processes to create delicious food products will only work if we join forces. We have all the ingredients to stay ahead of the curve in Switzerland – let’s use the powerful network of partners under the SFNV umbrella.”

Christian Hofer
SFNV Guest

Director of the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG/BLW)

Christian's why

Christoph Hartmann

ExCo Member, Head of Academic Alliances at Nestlé
Christoph's why

“Switzerland, as a country that leads innovation in many fields, now has the right ecosystem to embrace the pressing challenges in the food system. I look forward to impactful collaborations and new solutions to ensure that sustainable and nutritious food is available and affordable for everyone – today and in the future.”

Eliana Zamprogna

ExCo Member, CEO & Co-founder at Yumame Foods

Fabian Wahl

ExCo Member, Member of the Executive Board at Agroscope 

Fabio Campanile

ExCo Member, Head of Science & Technology at Givaudan
Fabio's why

“Collaboration is key in today’s world to make things happen and through SFNV, I would like to build an even more innovative and connected ecosystem in the food and nutrition space.”

Ian Roberts

ExCo Member, Chief Technology Officer at Bühler


Jérôme Barra

ExCo Member, VP Taste – Global Marketing and Business Development – Health, Nutrition & Care at dsm-firmenich
Jérôme's why

“I am passionate about accelerating the diet transformation by helping to create healthier, great-tasting, affordable food & beverages with more natural and sustainable ingredients to enhance wellbeing for people & planet.”

Jerry Krattiger

ExCo Member, Managing Director of Fribourg Development Agency at State of Fribourg
Jerry's why

“Switzerland is a thriving food nation, a hotbed for tradition and innovation and a force to be reckoned with in terms of impact on the global food system. Through SFNV, I want to address some of the critical questions we’re facing today – from global warming and food security to job and value creation.”

Marc Stierand

ExCo Member, Full Professor of Service Management & Founding Director of The Institute of Business Creativity (IBC), EHL
Marc's why

“SFNV is Switzerland’s food and nutrition hotspot where we can think together about the big questions that will determine the quality of life on our planet. I’m happy and humbled to be part of this journey and motivated to help making new food not only healthier and more sustainable, but also more delicious.”


Martijn Sonnevelt

ExCo Member, Executive Director bei ETH Zurich World Food System Center

Natacha Nagornova

ExCo Member, Research and Innovation Project Manager at Integrative Food and Nutrition Center, EPFL. 

Raphaël Conz

ExCo Member, Director at the Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI) at State of Vaud
Raphaël's why

“Switzerland and the Canton of Vaud rely on an extraordinary ecosystem of innovation in the field of food and nutrition. Through SFNV we need to attract more talent and start-ups to foster our ecosystem and to create new opportunities in terms of economic growth and sustainability.”

Christina Senn-Jakobsen

SFNV Managing Director
Our impact

The Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 global goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015 with the aim of ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring peace and prosperity for all. The Valley contributes to the delivery of these goals through our Impact Platforms.

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