March 2024

Agilery and Helbling to drive sustainable innovation for food and beverage brands

Fruitful AI and Food Brewer
The food and technology industries are increasingly converging. Valley partner Agilery and Helbling saw this as an opportunity to join forces to provide strategic partnership for food brands looking to integrate innovative food and technology solutions. We spoke to Marcin Niedzielski, co-founder of Agilery, Dr. Ludovic Dovat, Head of Business Unit and Partner and Dr. Jonathan Demierre, Head of Development at Helbling to find out more.

📒 The background

SFNV: Tell us a bit about the key issues you address.

Marcin Niedzielski: At Agilery we guide food and beverage brands through the complexities of product creation, production and launch. We recognised that a lot of the brands we work with are working hard to deliver the SDGs around preserving Earth’s ecosystem and ensuring equal and equitable access to healthy diets. We wanted to find new ways to support them.

Dr. Ludovic Dovat: Our work at Helbling is all about creating value by developing more sustainable systems across a broad range of sectors, including the food and beverage sector. By integrating food and technology, we believe that we can create technical solutions that address key global sustainability challenges.

🤩 The opportunity

SFNV: How does working with you contribute to creating innovative sustainable products?

Marcin Niedzielski: We believe that strategic partnerships are the glue that will make the Sustainable Development agenda a reality. By teaming up we’re able to provide our customers with a unique combination of skills and more holistic support.

Dr. Jonathan Demierre: By combining our expertise with Agilery’s we’ll be able to empower food and beverage brands to create products that are both innovative and more sustainable.

🎯  The long term vision 

SFNV: Where do you see the biggest potential for impact?

Marcin Niedzielski: We currently see the biggest potential in relation to promoting responsible sourcing, reducing waste, and enhancing resource and energy efficiency throughout the industry.

Dr. Ludovic Dovat: In future, we’d love to see brands seamlessly integrating food and technology sustainably from the start.

💭 Partner reflections

Marcin Niedzielski: We are excited to collaborate with Helbling on our shared mission to drive sustainability in the food and beverage sector. The partnership will allow us to offer our clients technical and sustainable solutions that align with the SDGs, bringing us closer to a more sustainable future.

Dr. Jonathan Demierre: We believe that by combining our expertise in sustainable technology and product development with Agilery’s deep knowledge in food science and manufacturing, we can have a significant impact for our clients and the consumers. Together, we can provide them the services they need to navigate the complex landscape of sustainability and achieve lasting positive changes.

Are you developing a brand that is integrating food and technology – and you want to do it sustainably from the start? Contact or to find out how Agilery and Helbling could support you.

About Agilery

Agilery is a contract manufacturing company that helps brands of all sizes to bring food and beverage products to market.

About Helbling

Helbling is a leader in technological innovation and engineering for food and beverage systems, supporting its clients in all phases of product development and business processes.

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