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Capital at risk: investing in startups and early stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution.

Investing in Switzerland

Switzerland has a well-established food and beverage industry and has emerged as a leading hub for FoodTech innovation. Swiss FoodTech attracted almost CHF 87 million in investments in 2022 (Top 100 Swiss Startups), and seed investments are booming at +93% (Swiss Venture Capital Report)

Swiss consumers are willing to invest in new products that relfect their values and Switzerland’s geographical density makes it a fantastic test market for growing companies – and a perfect gateway to Europe.


At the same time, our unique food innovation ecosystem drives knowledge transfer between large enterprises, academia and startups – and can help first time investors to get off the starting blocks.

Our FoodTech Investor Deal Flow connects Swiss and international investors with the latest Swiss seed to series A opportunities. Find out more about the companies seeking investment and sign up for updates by email below.

Invest in Swiss FoodTech Innovators

The Valley partners below are actively seeking seed to Series A investment.
Agilery Logo


Bringing the power of plants and micronutrients to daily life.

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Pioneering sustainable packaging, fighting plastic pollution with seaweed-based solution.

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FOOD2050 Logo


Helping to fully replace hen’s eggs with plant-based proteins and starches in the food industry and catering.

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mia&noa Logo


Developing high protein ingredient solutions for the next generations of plant-based products

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genknowme Logo


Transforming cutting-edge research into epigenetic tests that measure the impact of lifestyle on biological age.

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mia&noa Logo


Producing an oat based drink that tastes like “real” milk.

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NeoCarbons Logo


The 1st equipment recycling industrial loads of CO2 economically, profitably, and competitively.

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Luya Logo

New Roots

Developing innovative plant-based dairy alternatives to help people transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Rebels 0.0% Logo


Offering on-the-spot meal suggestions based on health and diet preferences, aiding optimal nutrition and longevity.

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Weekly Food_logo


Adding the third dimension to cells. Changing meat and fish production for ever.

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A bionic farming company specialized in growing pure food with superior flavour.

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Building and operating vertical farms based on circular economy to create resilient food systems.

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