July 2023

Givaudan expands Protein Hub at Zurich Innovation Center with new capabilities for dairy alternatives

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In the latest addition to its global innovation ecosystem, Givaudan has expanded the Protein Hub at its flagship Zurich Innovation Centre in Kemptthal, Switzerland to support the growth of dairy alternatives. 

The expanded Hub offers specialised expertise, state-of-the-art digital technologies, and an integrated portfolio of solutions designed specifically for dairy alternatives to accelerate new product development and co-create exciting new food experiences in collaboration with customers.

Co-creating alongside ecosystem actors

“At Givaudan, we have a unique approach to co-creation where we work side-by-side with our customers, partners, start-ups, chefs, academics and many others as a driving force for innovation,” said Doruk Ongan, President Europe Taste & Wellbeing. “We’re excited to open the doors of the Protein Hub to customers in the alternative dairy space, so we can shape the future of this dynamic category together.”

Fabio Campanile, Global Head of Science and Technology, Taste & Wellbeing, commented: “At Givaudan, our experts in science and technology focus on satisfying today’s consumer needs, while exploring the taste and functionality of various protein sources–from plants to precision fermentation–and leading new innovations for the future. In addition to our in-house knowledge, technology and research programmes, we have created a global innovation ecosystem to support our customers in markets around the world with facilities such as the Protein Innovation Center in Singapore, the MISTA Center in San Francisco and the Tropical Innovation Lab in Brazil.”

Accelerating new product development

Customers visiting the Protein Hub in Zurich have direct access to leading experts in science and technology, consumer sensory insights, alternative dairy applications including milk, yogurt and cheese, and culinary. With vast expertise in protein selection, these experts can help create a product base with the preferred taste and functionality.

Ecosystem actors can also optimise their new product development with Givaudan’s proprietary tools such as TasteSolutions® mouthfeel technologies, as well as masking, sugar reduction, solutions that mimic dairy notes, natural colours and clean-label health and nutritional solutions. These solutions help provide the authenticity and indulgence of traditional dairy products to create delicious and memorable dairy alternatives experiences.

To accelerate co-creation efforts, the Protein Hub incorporates the latest digital tools and AI solutions for rapid concepts, prototyping and testing with consumers. For example, Givaudan’s unique ATOM technology uses the power of AI to enhance the taste and aromas of alternative dairy products, and the company’s patented VAS technology, which can be used to test and co-create aromas directly with consumers in real time. The facility also incorporates a state-of-the-art show kitchen, and laboratories with capabilities in chemistry, biotechnology, fermentation, flavour delivery technology, sensory, applications and food science.

A glimpse into the future
But to shape the future, you also need to anticipate what it will look like. Together with its partners and industry experts, Givaudan recently hosted a digital event on Dairy Alternative Futures, which unveiled potential scenarios for alternative dairy in the years to come and deep dived into the impact of changing consumer preferences, new technologies, sustainability commitments and public policy. You can watch the recording of the session here.

About Givaudan

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