June 2023

Insolight announces its first agrivoltaic installation at scale

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Swiss scale-up Insolight is on a mission to bring the next generation of solar modules to market to enable farmers to protect their crops while producing solar energy and help build resilience against climate change. Their dynamic Agrivoltaic solution has now been deployed at bioschmid GmbH in Lucern. 

Partnering with growers

This joint installation with Monika and Heinz Schmid, who both run organic farms, is part of a project in which three different agrivoltaic systems are being tested in comparison with a control area. The plant is built over an area of 2600 m2 of raspberries and is expected to produce around 190 MWh of electricity per year in addition to the raspberry yield.

Insolight’s dynamic agrivoltaic solution insolagrin is an agronomic tool designed to protect crops while simultaneously producing solar energy – supporting growers in the transition to a more sustainable and resilient agricultural production. It offers an alternative to protective plastic tunnels and enables consumers to choose energy positive fruit. 

Project supporters

Following the construction phase in 2023, the Swiss Federal Research Station Agroscope Conthey and the Bern University of Applied Sciences will conduct research at the site and accompany the project for the next three years.

The pilot plant, which was launched by bioschmid gmbh, is supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the Canton of Lucerne (Swisslos), the Fondation sur la Croix, the Foundation Valery and other foundations, as well as the system suppliers involved.

Driving the energy transition

This new installation represents a major step towards the energy transition in Switzerland. It shows that scalable innovative solutions to protect crops, and produce food and green energy on the same land are available and brings us closer to realizing the vision set out in Switzerland’s new Climate and Innovation Act that was approved by Swiss citizens on the 18th June 2023.

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