BeeHelpful mission is to stop the honeybee decline worldwide, providing a stable, scalable solution to any beekeeper around the World. No matter if you are a big pollination company, a huge honey farm, or simply you love to produce your own honey: we simplify the whole process at bee advantage and then at beekeeper advantage as well.

BeeHelpful produces and sells PrimalBee® System, a new patented honeybee hive, and high-quality services for honey farms and pollination companies worldwide. Our services range from on-site consultancy in Customer’s apiaries to remote metric collection and data analysis.

The company has been founded back in 2017, after more than twelve years of R&D. R&D focused on testing a theory about the interactions among honeybees, parasites, hives, and the environment. A unique knowledge of the honeybee population dynamic was achieved.

Beehelpful has been the first in the world to prove the following fact: “Honeybee colony development, performance, and diseases are highly affected by hive design, much more than everybody expected”. A whole new set of hive types has been designed and tested in Switzerland, Italy, Israel, and Alaska since 2006, and the first industrial prototypes were built in 2011. A patented industrialized improved version, PrimalBee® System, has been in the fields since 2017 and it is now ready to be delivered to the Customers.

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