At NutraSwiss, we love freshly harvested foods that are gently prepared to retain all their characteristics. It’s a pleasure for the taste buds, with benefits for your health, appearance and mood.


Of course, our kitchen is a laboratory and our cooks are micronutritionists. But the intention is the same: to produce the best without distorting it. Each milligram in our food supplements has its own reason for being. Nothing fills in stupidly, everything is essential.


No compromise when selecting nutrients. They must be natural, organic and pure. And even if these criteria are written on the label, we ask an independent laboratory to analyze it to verify it.


The first few batches are always for us. We enlist our families, friends and a few NutraSwiss fans to test. We eat, criticize, and improve. And when everything is perfect, we approve.


NutraSwiss is a range of dietary supplements that are highly effective for the health of everyone. And if you wonder why it is useful to consume them, it is because you have not yet consumed them

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