November 2021

Young EFFoST Day: Inspiring the next generation of food scientists

Inspiring the next generation of food scientists – A look back at the Young EFFoST Day 2021 in Lausanne.

🎤 “People stay for culture – not purpose!” 

This morning, we had the chance to exchange with over 160+ PhD and master students at the Young EFFoST Day in Lausanne during an insightful panel where food professionals shared insights on what made their career path fulfilling.

Alongside fellow food professionals, our MD Christina Senn-Jakobsen had the opportunity to share some thoughts about her journey and what makes her job truly inspiring: fostering collaboration to transform our food system.

One key advice that stood-out on the panel came from Lukas Böni, co-founder at Planted : “No matter how great your purpose is, people will stay-on for your company’s culture”.

At the #SFNV, we couldn’t agree more! To enable change, it starts with setting up the right culture for collaboration and innovation to happen.

And today, whatever career path you might choose – corporate, academia or entrepreneurial – we all agreed tat you will be part of transforming our food system for the better.

Participants on the panel included:

Michelle Grant, Klara Haas, Christina Senn-Jakobsen, Alexander Mathys, Célie Rulliere, Lukas Böni, Alex Blanchard.


About Young EFFoST Day
The fourth edition of Young EFFoST Day is an exciting opportunity for students and young food scientists from academia, industry, and start-ups to expand their professional network! The day consists of interactive activities including inspiring talks and networking. Register here.

The Young EFFoST will be held the morning before the official start of the 35th EFFoST International Conference. It will take place at the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland on Monday 1 November 2021.

The day will start with an inspiring talk on the social and environmental implications of food value and the role we can all play. Representatives from industry, academia and non-profit organizations will then give insights into their personal career paths and share their key learnings. Throughout the day, talks will alternate with time for discussion and exchanges to make the Young EFFoST Day a unique opportunity to build your network and connect with more experienced food professionals before we move on to the conference together.

On Sunday 31 October, Young EFFoST Day 2021 will kick off with an informal get-together at the Bar Lacustre. This is a great chance to meet other Young EFFoST Day attendees while enjoying a selection of artisanal and international beers and fine spirits in one of the most popular bars in Central Lausanne.

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