Kash from SFNV

“I love making ideas happen by bringing creativity and strategy together.”

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Polish by birth, global citizen by choice. I’m passionate about driving an impact by leveraging my expertise in branding, strategy, design, marketing and communications. I enjoy collaborating with high-performers, developing talents and inspiring others with my positive energy and can-do attitude. I thrive in a dynamic, purpose-driven and progressive environment.

What motivated you to work for the Valley?

The purpose of the Valley is to, through collaboration, unleash the innovation potential of the Swiss food ecosystem for better planetary and human health. I want to be part of this journey.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on an investment platform to support Valley’s startups in their fundraising process. It will also help investors find suitable deals.

What is your now-not-so-secret super power?

I love making ideas happen by bringing creativity and strategy together. I enjoy synthesizing complexity into simple ideas and communicating them effectively.

Tell us something else we still don’t know about you.

My personal mission is to drive positive impact in the world. I love good food, sport and travel. I’ve been to 40+ countries so far and I don’t ever plan to stop discovering the world. I bring honesty, fairness, excellence and a good dose of humor to the table. In December 2022 I’ve graduated from the EMBA program at IMD and I’m excited about applying everything I’ve learnt to my future projects.