September 2022

Cultivated Biosciences raises $1.5M pre-seed to tackle fats and mouthfeel

Cultivated Biosciences, an innovative ingredient company founded by Swiss entrepreneurs Tomas Turner and Dimitri Zogg, has just raised a $1.5M pre-seed round. The funding will enable the growing team to further optimize its production processes, research food applications and start product development with their first clients.

Tackling the next frontier in animal-free food

The company’s financing round was led by leading Swiss venture fund Wingman Ventures and involved other leading foodtech venture capital investors such as Big Idea Ventures, Blue Horizon, Proveg International and the FoodHack syndicate. The round is also supported by other founders in the alternative protein space such as the CEO & Co-Founder of US-based foodtech forerunner EVERY Company, Arturo Elizondo and Lukas Böni, Co-Founder of Planted who are both acting as advisors to the company.

“Fats are the next frontier in accelerating the world’s transition to an animal-free food system, and I’m thrilled to be personally backing Cultivated Biosciences and their approach”, said Arturo Elizondo, CEO & Co-Founder of EVERY.

Creamy, clean label dairy alternatives

From their laboratories in Zurich, Cultivated Biosciences are developing a creamy ingredient from GMO-free yeast which offers the mouthfeel needed to make plant-based dairy an alternative for average consumers. The ingredient is clean label and has a sustainable production process. This way, Cultivated ensures that in the future all consumers will be able to enjoy a delicious creamy experience in a kind, sustainable and affordable way. “We are beyond excited to build a solution that will elevate the mouthfeel of the plant-based dairy category and ensure that it’s simply better and cheaper than its factory farmed equivalent,” adds Tomas Turner, CEO & Co-Founder.

Arman Anatürk from FoodHack syndicate commented “I’ve been lucky to watch Tomas and the team develop Cultivated Biosciences since their early days, and the progress they’ve made in such a short time is what really convinced us. We all want to reduce our carbon footprint and eat more plant-based dairy, and Cultivated Biosciences are there to make this future possible – and tasty.”

Next steps

In 2023 the company will start testing its creamy ingredient with selected clients for high-value savoury applications and is open to working with partners, especially from the Swiss gastronomy sector and the European and US FoodTech ecosystem. 

About Cultivated Biosciences

SA Cultivated is a food and biotech startup solving the problem of texture in plant-based dairy. It is developing an ingredient from GMO-free yeast, which offers the creaminess needed for plant-based dairy to appeal to flexitarian consumers. This ingredient has the same texture and color as dairy products, low lipid oxidation and natural emulsification properties. The team has been backed by leading investors in the field and won several grants and awards in Switzerland and Europe. Featured in several reports from the Good Food Industry, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute and articles from food magazines, the solution has driven huge excitement from food producers. 

Find out more on the the Cultivated Biosciences website.

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