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GDI | 4th International Food Innovation Conference

19 June | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Culture Clash: When Food Innovation Meets Tradition

Did you know that the people in France and Italy spend more time eating than others? Or that the French and Italian cuisines are on the UNESCO World Heritage list? The art of good cooking and shared enjoyment are deeply rooted in the cultures of both countries, and they contribute to their national identities in a unique way.

The Swiss traditionally enjoy cheese fondue – made from Gruyère and Vacherin! Prepared in a well-established ritual, eaten in convivial company. Adventurous souls reach for cashew cheese. However, in a food culture dominated by dairy products, can cashew fondue ever develop from a niche vegan product into a real sustainable alternative?

At the 4th International Food Innovation Conference, we’ll be talking to thought leaders, industry and nutrition experts about the cultural hurdles that innovations must overcome during production, preparation and consumption. We’ll also identify cultural opportunities. For example, when established habits and rituals enable more sustainable enjoyment.

  • What social developments, trends and values are shaping food culture?
  • How much “cultural DNA” do new foods, dishes and recipes need in order to be socially acceptable?
  • How can industrials, retailers and restaurateurs avoid “culture shock” when marketing new foods? Or should they consciously create it?
  • How can you create a sustainable food culture experience?

The leading International Food Innovation Conference is important for anyone interested in how to drive forward the transformation to a sustainable food system within the given cultural context. It will offer interdisciplinary insight for representatives from the industrial, retail, food, consulting and healthcare sectors as well as discussions of solutions along the entire value-creation network, from product development to distribution and consumption.


GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute
Langhaldenstrasse 21
Rüschlikon, 8803 Switzerland
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