Exploration Workshop: How can digital technologies support the fight against food waste on the consumer side?

This is an exploration workshop around the topic of Food Waste & Systems that will be led by digitalswitzerland and is supported by the Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley.
This workshop will be held physically in Bern, and is an invitation-only event. Reach out to yasemin@sfnv.ch to request an invitation.


Food waste has received growing interest from stakeholders and policymakers world-wide due to  the increasing concerns about food security and environmental impacts (e.g. resource depletion,  GHG emissions attributed to food waste).  In Switzerland, food consumption generates 2.8 million tonnes of avoidable food waste per year at all stages of the food chain.  Although food waste occurs along all the stages of the food supply chain, the three main actors representing each one third of the food waste (bafu.admin) are:

  • – Processing and transformation of food,
  • – consumer side,
  • – agriculture, catering and retail.

In the context of the United Nations sustainability goals, Switzerland aims to cut its food waste in half by 2030 (bafu.admin). In order to reach this goal, efforts need to be along the entire supply chain, to enable a collaborative approach.

Exploration Workshop:

During the workshop, we concentrate on one source for food waste: we aim to enable existing networks and find digital solutions to reduce food waste on the consumer side to support Switzerland in reaching the aforementioned sustainability goal. During the workshop, we connect different organizations from the ecosystem to exchange knowledge and ideas to especially enable the ecosystem to benefit from solutions already in place.

To conduct this workshop, we work closely with a group of five ZHAW students pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a Major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. During approximately 1000 working hours, they will gain practical experience by conducting a system analysis based on existing networks and projects. The students, therefore, play a crucial role in defining our focus during the workshop and are thus heavily involved in its organization.

18th of November 2021
9:00 amto12:00 am
Impact Hub (Spitalgasse 28, 3011 Bern)


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