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Innovation Forum Lausanne and the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Microbiomes are proud to announce the first edition of the Swiss Microbiomes Forum, on Friday, 6th of May 2022, at 15h00 CET at the EPFL Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne.


The Forum will showcase the latest research and technologies harnessing microbiomes for human flourishing and health, along three main axes:

  • Healthcare – Microbes that live naturally in and on our body affect many conditions such as infections, obesity or autoimmune diseases. Novel medical interventions that selectively target pathogens or beneficial microbes that help restore a balanced microbiome are needed: fecal transplants and the development of therapeutic microbial cultures thus hold great potential for the healthcare of tomorrow.
  • Nutrition and Food Production – Our food consumption and dietary habits influence our microbiome, with consequences for our health and well-being. Moreover, targeted microbiome management strategies will have an important role to play in maintaining crop yield with less pesticides and fertilizers, and opening new avenues for the production of nutritious food.
  • Environment – The entire biosphere relies on balanced microbial communities. They contribute to soil fertility, water quality, the treatment of human waste and remediation of pollution, all essential for human flourishing. In addition, novel selected microbial consortia could help improve pollutant removal from streams and lands.

During the event, a pitching competition will be hosted to give visibility to cutting-edge research spinning-off as early-stage start-ups from Swiss universities.

Overall, the Forum will bring together at EPFL key actors of the Swiss microbiome landscape for a unique moment of exchange. Varied booths will showcase industries, startups, associations and foundations working on devices and products in the microbiomes field. By uncovering the most advanced applied technologies and research efforts, the Forum will offer the opportunity of invaluable networking in a fast-accelerating topic.

6th of May 2022
3:00 pmto9:00 pm
EPFL Rolex Learning Center
Rte Cantonale, 1015 Lausanne


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