Members Quarterly Meetup

Save the date for members’ quarterly meetup Q4. An event opportunity to advance member collaboration opportunities and exchange with other members. We facilitate this session to advance knowledge sharing across the food ecosystem.

What’s Cooking in the Valley?

The answer to that question and more will be covered in Members Quarterly Meetups – a regular event opportunity to bring Valley members together and facilitate knowledge sharing across the Swiss food ecosystem.

During the session, our members will get to know more about what other ecosystem actors are working on, explore how they can offer support, and find out what the SFNV core team is planning for the year ahead.

Invitations for the fourth event on Wednesday 7th of December will be sent out to all members directly so save the date!

If you do not receive an advance invitation email in Q4 please email Maëlle at info@sfnv.ch.

29th of November 2022
2:30 pmto4:30 pm


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