June 2022

Firmenich and DSM join forces to accelerate taste and nutrition innovation

SFNV member Firmenich and DSM will merge, leveraging their respective world-class science and complementary capabilities in taste, texture and nutrition. The merger would allow the new company to anticipate evolving consumer needs and boost innovation in high-growth and resilient segments.

Accelerating innovation

SFNV member, Firmenich and DSM announced yesterday that they have entered into a business combination agreement. The merger brings together Firmenich’s leading Perfumery and Taste businesses, its world-class science platforms and associated co-creation capabilities with DSM’s renowned Health and Nutrition portfolio and scientific expertise. The new company, DSM-Firmenich, will have dual headquarters in Switzerland (Kaiseraugst) and the Netherlands (Maastricht). 

DSM-Firmenich anticipates that the merger would allow them to better address the needs of today’s conscious consumers, who prioritize sustainability, health and well-being, and generate new growth opportunities for customers.

The new global-scale company would accelerate innovation in the food and beverage industry, by combining DSM’s Food & Beverage and Firmenich’s Taste & Beyond businesses. Firmenich’s world-leading global Perfumery and Ingredients business would expand further into Beauty through the addition of DSM’s Personal Care & Aroma business. These new combined businesses would be joined by DSM’s high-performing Health, Nutrition & Care and Animal Nutrition & Health businesses.

A global-scale partner

DSM’s Food & Beverage and Firmenich’s Taste & Beyond, with combined revenues of €2.7bn, would form a global-scale partner to the food and beverage industry with extensive capabilities in taste, nutrition and functionality. The new business would play a key role in diet transformation by creating healthier, great-tasting, accessible food and beverages with more natural and sustainable ingredients. This will include a focus on innovation in natural and clean label products, in plant-based foods, and in supporting an excellent taste experience whilst enhancing food’s nutritional profile, through vitamins, probiotics, and lipids and reduced sugar and salt. 

Animal Nutrition & Health, with revenues of €3.3bn, would continue to focus on specialty science- and technology-driven solutions to the ever-increasing demand for protein such as meat, eggs, fish and dairy, while also alleviating the pressure on the planet’s finite natural resources. 

The combined company’s global footprint would provide customers with access to an extensive network of R&D, creation and application capabilities, informed by local consumer preferences, across regional and local hubs around the world. Opportunities from new pioneering and complementary digitally-powered business models would also build upon the 125+ year heritages of each company in purpose-led scientific discovery and innovation.

Find out more about the merger here.

About Firmenich

Firmenich is the world’s largest privately-owned fragrance and taste company and has been family-owned for 127 years. The Swiss company specializes in perfumes, flavors, and ingredients and is renowned for its world-class research as well as leadership in sustainability.

About DSM

DSM has transformed during its 150+ year history into today’s health, nutrition & bioscience global leader. The Dutch-Swiss company specializes in nutritional ingredients for food and feed with proven world-leading bioscience capabilities and an international network of high-quality manufacturing sites that underpin a business model of global products, local solutions and personalization and precision.

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