April 2021

Givaudan Collaborates with Microcaps on Microencapsulation

Givaudan, a global leader in flavours, food ingredients, fragrances and active cosmetic ingredients, partnered with Microcaps to advance their innovative ideas.

A company over 250 years old, Givaudan is a founding partner of MassChallenge Switzerland since 2016. The partnership aims to continue their practice of adaptability and broadening their business technologies with smart and thorough collaboration sourcing. 

While keeping an eye on all startups coming through, Givaudan works with MassChallenge on focus areas their innovation teams are looking at each year. These could include food sustainability, fragrance technology or digital expansion.

And with the startup Microcaps, a 2019 MassChallenge Switzerland finalist, the area Givaudan was focusing on was in microencapsulation for flavours and fragrances. 

Microcaps solves a common problem with microencapsulation – the trade-off between high throughput and precise particle size, a crucial factor for increased stability and controlled release. The startup has developed a novel technology that solves this problem by enabling precise microencapsulation at an industrial scale.

Givaudan’s collaboration with Microcaps is being explored to both bolster their own approach to flavour and fragrant control, as well as a service to their clients in food, beverage, nutrition and consumer products. 

Givaudan’s approach made it very compelling for us. Even before the pitch, they made it clear which Givaudan team members we were going to be working with, and this makes the pitch much more targeted and focused on Givaudan’s needs instead of us trying to intuit their goals.

Michael Hagander

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Microcaps

For more information:

Microcaps AG
Wagistrasse 13
8952 Schlieren, Switzerland
Phone : +41 (0)44 733 45 50
Emails : alessandro.ofner@microcaps.ch; michael.hagander@microcaps.ch

Or you can also reach them here.

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