Agropôle is a unique campus connecting all the agri-food business stakeholders and accelerating the deployment of world-class innovations: an active community, R&D projects, fields for trials, and strong commercial networks, for the implementation of sustainable food solutions.

Vision: Acting for tomorrow

Coming from an ancestral family heritage and owning agricultural land as well as market expertise, Agropôle is a unique site bringing together stakeholders from the field to the plate, through innovation.

Mission: A vibrant ecosystem where ideas cross boundaries

Water, soil, climate, health: the Agropole is the missing link that allows new sustainable solutions to reach the market. Our mission? Bringing all the players together on a dedicated campus to stimulate agritech and food tech innovation.

An action to increase exchanges, in order to enhance the value of new solutions and increase their environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Ecosystem: R&D, field tests, agility, and market access

By bringing together farmers, innovators, service providers, and industrialists on a dedicated site, we create a link that accelerates the implementation of sustainable innovative solutions.

As an industrialist, service provider, or startup active in the agri-food sector, join the campus in order to:

  • Test your innovations,  within buildings or in the field
  • To test small series of R&D
  • Valorize a pilot demonstrator
  • Carry out your current activity
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