At MagicTomato we believe that every person has the power to positively influence our planet through small, recurring and harmless actions, including our shopping. And our superhero MagicTomato has found the magic formula to deliver fresh, local, delicious products at the right price. All this while having a positive impact on the planet. It’s Magic!

Surrounded by his MagicTeam, he is committed to sustainability. We deliver with a fleet of 100% electric vehicles. Most food is packaged in bulk in reusable bags to avoid disposable containers. Food waste is almost non-existent thanks to a system of short circuits and a close collaboration with each artisan.

Our unique system combining the digitalization of short circuits with a local approach allows us to be among the most innovative Swiss start-ups in food distribution. Magictomato has also joined Fongit, an incubator for technology start-ups, and was privileged to receive the Swiss Ethics Award in 201

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