Swiss Nutrition and Health foundation

The SNH foundation is driven by science to contribute to a better world through research, innovation, and education on nutrition and health. We believe in science as an enabler of trust between people. Anchoring trust through science is our slogan.

The SNH foundation was first established in 1931. It was initially called Swiss Vitamin Institute (Institut Suisse des Vitamines) responsible for surveying vitamin-enriched foods, as requested by the then-applicable Swiss legislation. Initially linked to the University of Lausanne, SVI became a totally new and independent foundation in 1995 oriented on public health with a focus on vitamin testing, medical analysis and research.

In 2014, the foundation initiated a process aiming at expanding its research interest and expertise in nutrition and public health. Vitamins represent a category of micronutrients that are essential for health along with an ensemble of minerals, proteins and amino acids, lipids and fatty acids, carbohydrates and a myriade of phytonutrients. Investigating nutrition and health relationships require methodology enabling a comprehensive analysis of all food components beyond vitamins as well as expertise to understand the interplay between all those components with human health.

In 2021, thus marking the 90th anniversary of the SVI, the Swiss Nutrition and Health foundation (SNHf) was created with a scope and research interests expanded to all nutrients, micronutrients and natural bioactives. True to its heritage, the SNHf remains a not for profit and independent foundation that develops and deploys high quality testing and research capabilities in the domains of nutrition, health and cosmetic.

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