Who we are :

Vege’tables is a platform of experts in nutrition and sustainable development at the service of organizations, restaurants and people.

We promote Smart Food: healthy, ethical and sustainable food, that is to say, mostly plant-based and complete.

What We Do :

  • We provide consulting, training and resources to public and private organizations to support them in the development and implementation of their social and environmental agenda.
  • We offer consulting, training and coaching to restaurants (collective and commercial) to enable them to develop their Smart offer and increase their clientele.
  • We accompany individuals in their transition to a Smart lifestyle through training, coaching and group programs.

How We Work:

Following an initial audit, we provide customized services and programs to meet your organization’s specific needs and ensure implementation, as well as monitoring of results.

Our Services Include:

  • Audit, needs identification, impact plan development, implementation and follow-up
  • Training, resources and solutions for foodservice cooks, such as nutrition best practice guides, recipes and new trends, environmental impact measurement tools;
  • Employee programs, including training, group coaching, immersive activities and experiences (workshops, team building, challenges, etc.) and resources to maximize their wellness/health and environmental impact;
  • Advice and support in the process of obtaining B Corp¹ certification, awarded to companies that meet the highest environmental and social standards.
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