June 2022

Potiio Launches Crowdselling Campaign for Revolutionary Soft Drink Experience

Potiio’s unique water bottle technology and flavor capsules use brain science to revolutionize soft drink consumption. They’re now welcoming investors in their mission to create a circular beverage economy focused on wellness, convenience, and plastic reduction.

The “magic potion” that tricks your tastebuds

Potiio founder, Cédric Sax, constantly sipped his favorite soft drink as a doctorate student at ETH Zurich. The drink helped him stay focused, motivated, and hydrated – but it was also packed with sugar and generated waste with each bottle he enjoyed.  

Cédric wanted to find a way to keep his soft drink habit while reducing all of the sugar and plastic. He realized the brain could be tricked into thinking it was consuming something sweet with a pulsating flow of flavor concentrate on the top of the tongue. This led to the design of potiio (based on the Latin term “potio” for “magic potion”) with the help of co-founder, Alessandro Hofmann. Now Cédric and Alessandro have big plans to shake up the beverage industry.

How the potiio water bottle works

Potiio’s unique reusable water bottle and recyclable flavor capsules use patent-pending pulse technology to create a new kind of soft drink experience. Simply fill the water bottle with tap or sparkling water, insert the flavor capsule, close the lid, and start sipping. Each sip begins by releasing a pulse of flavor from the capsules to give your taste buds a sweet sensation. A flow of water follows shortly after, but by then the brain has been tricked to believe you are still consuming a sweet soft drink even though it’s now mostly water. 

This flavor capsule technology allows potiio to reduce a drink’s sugar content by more than 30% without sacrificing any flavor. A variety of sweet liquids can also be packed into 50 ml containers instead of half-liter plastic bottles, creating eco-friendly flavor options for on-demand refreshment. This closed-loop system of reusable bottles and recyclable capsules can reduce a drink’s carbon footprint by 65% while still keeping hydration exciting and delicious.

Next steps

Potiio is currently seeking investors to support the production of its revolutionary water bottles and flavor capsules. Their crowdselling campaign kicks off on June 27 on Crowdify.net with the goal of selling 500 bottles.

In the future, potiio plans to expand the flavor and function of its own capsules and aims to work with established soft drink producers to bring their drinks to market using potiio technology.

About potiio

Potiio is the first water bottle technology that doesn’t sacrifice real taste and flavor for wellness. Unique bottle and flavor capsule technology helps potiio revolutionize soft drink consumption habits with a circular economy approach, allowing consumers to enjoy low-sugar soft drinks while also reducing plastic waste. 

Follow potiio on Linkedin or view their crowdselling page to learn more.

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