December 2023

Cultivated Biosciences introduces its innovative yeast-based cream in a coffee creamer prototype

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Swiss Biotech Startup and Valley partner Cultivated Biosciences has presented its first proof-of-concept (POC) using its creamy fat ingredient created with yeast fermentation. The POC, a coffee creamer, is white and clean-label, with a rich, creamy taste and mouthfeel, but puts an end to flocculation.

After two years of R&D, Cultivated Biosciences presented its first POC using its creamy fat ingredient in a final product formulation: a dairy-free coffee creamer that matches the performance of dairy creamers.

The coffee creamer meets the needs of the industry: it has whitening capabilities, it is stable in coffee, and is clean label. It also meets the expectations of the consumers: it is very creamy and tastes like a regular American commercial creamer. Cultivated Biosciences’ ingredient provides the lipids and the texture to the formulation, and is stable in the acidic coffee without additives.

The dairy-free coffee creamer was introduced and available for tasting during a MISTA event held in San Francisco in November 2023. MISTA is a new food innovation ecosystem and accelerator in the Bay Area, bringing together the food industry and the startups during “Growth Hacks” to kick-start collaborations. Cultivated Biosciences’ creamer was developed during a Growth Hack focused on alternative fats, in collaboration with the MISTA partners including AAK, Ingredion Givaudan and Danone.

The path to commercialisation
Celebrating this important milestone, Tomas Turner, Founder and CEO of Cultivated Biosciences, said: “We’re proud to show the value of our ingredient in a convincing final product application. This marks the beginning of our path to commercialisation.”

Céline Schiff-Deb, head of Biotechnology at MISTA also welcomed the POC: “Cultivated Biosciences rose to the challenge and delivered a prototype with superior benefits to commercially available plant-based creamers in the US”.

The Cultivated Biosciences’ team is now
 preparing for market entry and looking to collaborate with industry partners to develop more prototypes in other dairy alternative categories. They expect to launch their cream in the US market in 2025 and in Europe in 2026, once approved for consumption.
About Cultivated Biosciences

Cultivated Biosciences is turning animal-free dairy into the better choice for everyone. Cultivated Biosciences improves the mouthfeel of animal-free dairy by developing a unique and patented emulsion as an ingredient for the food industry, using yeast fermentation. Their technology produces a unique functional fat with a cream-like texture, providing a sustainable and healthy alternative to animal dairy fat. The cream from Cultivated Biosciences will replace vegetable oils and additives currently used in dairy alternatives, thus providing a cleaner label thanks to superior functionality and stability, and a sensory experience similar to dairy. Dairy alternatives are on the rise globally, a market size of $12 billion in 2023 and $34 billion in 2033, convincing more and more health and environmentally conscious consumers, but two thirds of consumers name texture and a lack of clean label options as a barrier to consumption. Find out more on their website. 

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