Sustainability Q&A with Swiss Startups

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AgroSustain (16:00)

Olga Dubey is CEO and Co-Founder of AgroSustain. She has a master’s degree in genetics and a Ph.D. in Plant Biochemistry from the Universit√© de Lausanne and has previous experience in Startup mentoring and research positions.

AgroSustain was founded in 2018 to reduce food waste and support sustainable food production. AgroSustain develops farm to fork solutions, such solutions are natural fungicides and coatings. In 2020 AgroSustain received the EIC Accelerator grant from the European Union and was in the TOP 10 Swiss start-ups in 2021.

Sustainable Food System GmbH (16:30)

Olivia Keller is a Sustainability Consultant since 2018. During her studies in Management, Organization, and Culture and in previous work experience, she has dealt extensively with the topic of food waste. Currently, she leads projects on sustainability assessment of agricultural suppliers and communication of sustainability performance.

In close cooperation with the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), the Sustainable Food Systems GmbH carries out innovative projects on the topics surrounding sustainability, agriculture and nutrition. Sustainability assessment methods such as the SMART-Farm Tool or the LCA Farm Model form the core of these projects. These tools allow companies to consider synergies and trade-offs and enable the development of scientifically sound improvement measures in agricultural supply chains.

10th of February 2022
4:00 pmto5:00 pm


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