The continuous demand for more control of industrial processes as well as quality control requires the appropriate set of sensors and data interpretation.

Aquantis develops new measuring solutions using laser and milli/microwave technologies. This technology allows us to measure the conditions on the outside and inside of solid and liquid products.

This technology is widely applicable to various materials and processes including the determination of:

  • Level of froziness (Spiral, tunnel and plate freezing as well cryogen)Aquantis Description 1
  • Moisture content inside the product
  • Particle size (wet milling)
  • Concentration of particles in emulsions
  • Phase transitions
  • Protein water extrusion

Possibility customized for every application.

Our vision is to provide inline real-time measurement information and quality control during every step of the production process. Over 50 installations so far.  Industry 4.0 flat out.

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