Mirai Foods

We are developing real meat – cultivated directly from animal cells

Our vision is to become a household brand for cultivated meat, thereby accelerating the transition to a global food system that is environmentally, ethically and economically sustainable.

Our mission is to provide delicious, high quality cultivated meat at a fair price.
Better for people, animals and the planet.

Because animal welfare matters

Our meat only needs a small sample of muscle tissue from a cow in order to produce minced beef through the cultivation of cells. That means there is no harm to the animal and no need for herds of cattle confined in the smallest of spaces.

Because current meat production is not sustainable

Currently, livestock is responsible for nearly 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Besides that, it also has other side effects, like the degradation of fertile land, water pollution, and the acidification of the environment. As our process does not require livestock and generally needs much fewer resources, we address these issues in a substantial way.

Because we can develop healthier meat

During our process, the nutritional values of our meat are monitored and tailored. For example, the amount of fat and protein can be controlled and through our nutritional media, micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are optimized. Furthermore, there is no need for antibiotics to battle livestock disease.

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