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23 May | 10:00 am - 11:00 am

In recent years, Spain’s Foodtech industry has undergone a substantial shift towards sustainability and efficiency, bolstered by both regional and national public-private initiatives. On the back of a global decline in venture capital deals, in 2023 investment flows into the Spanish Foodtech sector diminished by far less than the average, reaching € 226 million and with an accumulated total of € 1,176 million over the last four years.This highlights the dynamism, resilience, and adaptability of the Foodtech ecosystem in Spain in the face of international market challenges. It even managed to maintain a slight growth in the number of Foodtech companies, which increased from 412 startups in 2022 to 420 in 2023 but also includes over 30,000 companies engaged in food transformation. Moreover, the sector benefits from the collaboration with more than 50 specialized universities and 20 advanced technology centres.

After the success of last year’s event, this will be the second edition of our pitching webinar featuring Spanish startups with key actors from the Swiss Foodtech ecosystem, in cooperation with Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley (SFNV).

The 7 pitching Spanish startups include:

  1. Sanygran: Extruded food products made of legumes and cereals as substitute for meat.
  2. Cocoon Bioscience: Cost-effective production of high-value bioactive proteins and specialized enzymes for food (cellular agriculture) and healthcare (gene therapies).
  3. Libre Foods: Fungi-based meat substitutes.
  4. Omnivorus: Healthy snacks and substitutes for meat, cocoa and other food products from proteins based on algae and vegetable fish.
  5. BioMixing: Accelerated generation of bioreactors, with application in the Biotech and Foodtech industries.
  6. Gimme Sabor: Quality ingredients from sustainable crops.
  7. Brava Drinks: Artisanal, healthy and low-sugar soft drink made from premium kombucha through slow fermentation.

For a comprehensive exploration of the current state and challenges of the country’s food sector, feel free to download the full report here.

The Foodtech ecosystems in Spain and Switzerland thrive on vibrancy, driven by factors such as quality, innovation, substantial venture capital investments, and robust government support. These elements collectively contribute to making both countries highly attractive for companies and startups and open up the space for synergies and complementarities.

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