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The microbiome is the ecosystem of micro-organisms that live in and around us, mostly in our gut. It plays a major role in human health, and when out of balance causes diseases such as chronic digestive disorders, diabetes, obesity, allergies, auto-immune diseases and much else. We have a genotype and a phenotype. What everyone also has is a “microtype:”​ The composition of the microbiome. It affects our response to treatments as well as our food and lifestyle.

REM Analytics provides a novel method to profile the micro type in people.

For companies producing probiotics, prebiotics, functional foods or other microbiome-affecting products, we provide the evidence needed to demonstrate the efficacy of your products. We have the unique capability to measure the colonization of specific probiotic strains in the microbiome of people. Also, we can measure the effectiveness of these strains on the micro type at large, as well as differences induced by changes in food and lifestyle. Accurate profiling of the micro type has the potential to identify sub-populations that are more likely to be treated by a probiotic. In the long run, our objective is to allow the development of Evidence-based, personalized microbiome-based treatments.

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