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SFNV Members 03/2022

Home to a unique ecosystem

A dynamic environment

With over 300 startups in agrifood tech, nutrition and packaging innovation – and a wide landscape of food SMEs, Switzerland is home to a uniquely diverse ecosystem.

200 years of innovation

From Nestlé, Bühler, Firmenich to Givaudan, Switzerland is home to historical companies who have set the scenery for innovation for over 200 years.

A commitment to quality

From food production to excellence in hospitality education, Switzerland is renown for its ability to blend craftsmanship with cutting-edge innovation.

A sense of purpose

With access to leading universities and institutions, Switzerland is witnessing multinationals investing billions in R&D to address our global food challenges.

Rooted in agriculture 🌱

Food quality is at the heart of Swiss agriculture. This is incarnated, for instance, by the creation of the Swiss Vitamin Institute in 1931 which aimed to control the vitamin content in foodstuff. Switzerland is one of the most regulated countries when it comes to land protection and animal welfare to ensure ethical production, biodiversity, lowered greenhouse effects, water protection and natural soil fertility.

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