March 2021

REM Analytics, the Startup Uncovering New Applications in Microbiome, Joins SFNV

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The Swiss biotech company REM Analytics, which offers an advanced DNA analysis to assess microbiome composition, has joined the SFNV.

Switzerland, February 2021 – REM Analytics, a biotech startup that provides innovative DNA analysis to assess microbiome composition, food authenticity and food safety, has joined the SFNV. They use a quantitative approach and strain-level resolution to accurately map microorganisms to:

  • Develop living bacteria therapeutics and improve existing ones (in the food and cosmetic sectors)
  • Measure food composition (i.e. labelling accuracy and commercial fraud)
  • Identify GMO in products
  • Detect pathogens
  • Provide traceability

The REM Analytics team aims to utilise high-performance DNA measurement tools to develop new solutions in nutrition.

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